hello, i'm sophia park

curriculum vitae

Sophia Park is a narrative and game designer focused on creating interactive media about people and technology; the relationship between computer logic and mind logic; and playing and deconstructing nostalgia as an imaginative space.

leadership roles

Dames Making Games — Co-Director (24 June 2017 - Present)

Duties also include chairing the Community Promotion committee.

projects and media coverage

Subserial Network — 1 June 2018

Project direction, lead writer, additional programming and art assets. Published as part of the Humble Monthly.

LOCALHOST — 25 August 2017

Development, production, narrative design. Co-created with Penelope Evans.

Arc Symphony — 15 May 2017

Development, production, narrative design. Co-created with Penelope Evans.

Forgotten — 31 December 2016

All development, production, and narrative design. Art direction by Arielle Grimes.

Sonic OC 7 - 31 December 2015

All development, production and narrative design.

collaborative work & consultation

Anthrotari - 16 June 2017

Provided narrative design consultation. In development by Biggest Robot Productions.

The Eldritch Teller - 22 December 2015

Served as producer and provided design consultation. Designed and developed by Arielle Grimes.

speaking sessions

Arts Intersections Meetup - 21 November 2017

Speculative fiction talk with Cara Mumford and Karl Schroeder.

Dames Making Games: July 2017 Social - 15 July 2017

“Do you know Arc Symphony?” with Penelope Evans.

Dames Making Games: January 2017 Social - 21 January 2017

“About Forgotten: A Presentation in Two Parts” with Arielle Grimes.


Bit Bazaar - 25-27 Aug 2017

Showed LOCALHOST and Arc Symphony.

Toronto Comic Arts Festival - 13-14 May 2017

Showed Forgotten and previewed Arc Symphony as part of the Comics X Games Arcade.

Toronto Long Winter - 24 March 2017

Showed Forgotten as part of the Hand Eye Society Arcade.


University of Toronto — Honours Bachelor of Arts

Cinema Studies specialist degree with a minor in English literature.

community memberships

Dames Making Games (2015 - present)

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