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Introducing Aether Interactive

A life update about a new company.

Arc Symphony

Do you remember Arc Symphony?


Conversations with the reaper in beautiful CGA.

I'm not a pod: 1956's Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Often remade, Invasion of the Body Snatchers is an easily retooled parable only due to its original release: it is so ambiguous that to date, different reviews insist upon its absolute meaning in various dimensions of conflict: from communism to McCarthyism to even the simple psychological conflict of the parable itself, the film resists to make its stand in any particular direction; but how did it become such a vague and contested text? How was Invasion of the Body Snatchers produced in such a way so as to become a contrastingly-read text? In this essay, it will be argued that ambiguity at all levels of the film’s production contributed to its dilution as social commentary.


Flash fiction horror Twine scrap.

Sonic OC 7

Engage in your least secret dreams with a possessed completely normal Macintosh Performa, or at least an artistically inspired version.

The New Wave: Interactive Experiences

The term “video games” is askew; it limits our expectation of their function, of what they actually are. So, really, let’s just call them what they are: interactive experiences.

Finding the gap for the auteur in gaming

Gaming journalists love talking about the auteur theory. Seeing as gaming is still leaving its unfamiliarity stage, where the transition from a prior medium — in this case, the cinema — necessitates the use of cinema’s tactics, genres, celebrities, concepts, to make some initial semblance of sense about gaming.

Where does Guild Wars 2 go from here?

Did you know that the Heart of Thorns expansion came out a month ago? It does seem that if you weren’t in the Guild Wars ecosystem already, you probably at best had a passing knowledge of the expansion, probably about as much as you did the game itself. Even the community — in the months before the expansion, bleeding away from the game every week — had very limited knowledge of its contents, of its release date.

The Sound Auteur: Alan Splet and the Sound of a Signature

Imagine, for a moment, a world in which we grouped the films we watched by their sound designers. You want to see a science fiction movie, but more in the realm where the sound designer chooses to use the bass of a room to more closely engage you – especially using the sound space behind you to disorient and unsettle you. You know this sound designer’s prior work – her inspiration, as well as interviews she has given on the way she chooses the sounds she places within these worlds. She is, therefore, an auteur. Why does this sound so strikingly foreign?